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Wiley X  Gloves are NAVAIR approved SKU# 666666.......$89.95

Wings Hard 9g iPad kneeboard is in stock. Based on tried and true 9G technology, this is what you need to surf the revolutionary wave of technology that will change the way the way we manage cockpits in the future. Available now! SKU# 368021......$79.95

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MH60R Wooden Model

Temporarily Out of stock




MH60R Lithograph
12" x 18"  $33.00




Eraseable Hi-Liters
Small pen-sized hi-liters in fluorescent yellow, pink, orange, and blue.


For marking and remarking flight routes.  All have built-in eraser.

134999 small hi-liters, ea. State color. $ 1.95
Jumbo N/A

Blue Angel Throw Blanket
Full color, 100% soft cotton woven design blanket.

Approx. 48" x 60".

More blanket designs


Throw blankets 005000 $ 59.95

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Brass Buckle      033040  $18.95 ea.

Fits standard web belt.  Also available in NFO, and EGA with Satin finish buckle.

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Tank Top      387208  $9.95 ea.

Med, Lg, ladies sizes.(Sizes run small.)

New! T-6A Texan Chart Bag see "bags" page

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T-6A Texan II Lithographs 15 x 20 s/n $20.00

4 x 6 o/e $6.95

Set of 10 folder cards w/ envelopes $7.95

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Wooden Stick grip      506100  $49.95 ea (Temporarily out of stock).

Actual size on stand with blank engraving plate.

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Bibs      022144  $9.95 ea.

Helicopter and Airplane bibs. Velcro closure.

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Challenge Coins    About 1.6" Dia. heavy bronze coin   004224 $9.95 and up.


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Polo Shirts: 100% Cotton Hanes Steadman Polo shirt. USN Pilot or NFO. Med, Lg, XL,  024010 $24.95

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Garman Statue: "And there I was..." About 13" high     058039 $69.95 in bronzetone.


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Kid's green Flight Suit

Authentic looking flight suit with lots of pockets comes in small, medium, large, extra large.   103302.....................$44.95

T-34C (B&W) or T-6A (Color) Front Cockpit Poster ( heavy gloss paper).        001034.....................$24.95


cross stitch(6442 bytes)   Cross Stitch Kits

Full kit with canvas, floss, and needle. USN Pilot, NFO, Navy Flight Surgeon, USAF Pilot, USAF Nav, T-34, TH-57.       213010.....................$9.95


faraim(6442 bytes)   2014  available Now

- FAR AIM       029723.....................$19.95

propclok(6442 bytes) 26" Prop Clock$99.95



Desk Top Models

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Over 300 available. Please call for available models. (SH-60B shown ($199.95 ))

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T-34C and TH-57 Desk Top Models

Hand carved Philippine mahogany.  "E", "F", and "G" tail with Squadron base.
T-34C $199.95


TH-57  $199.95  HT-8 or HT-18 or HT-28

T-2C, T-39, T-44, TC-12, and T-45 $199.95 also available with custom stands.


Enamel Steel signs

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14" x 10" Heavy weight steel sign.
$19.95 and up


Wooden Wings

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Hand carved Naval Flight Officer Wings. Approx. 22" tip-to-tip.

$29.95 (Currently out of stock)

More hand-carved wooden wings


Kid's Rompers

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Rompers in size 6, 12, 18, or 24 months  Colors: Yellow, Grey, Red.   Also, we can put "FLY NAVY" on Dark Blue, with or without wings.

Kid's white tees with same imprint also.


Also available with other family flyers (MOM, GRANDPA, etc.) and crew (NAVIGATOR, CREWMAN, etc.) and most military planes.

"I WANNA FLY" with cartoon aircraft also available.


Embroidered on heavy fabric

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