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T-1A (6542 bytes)

T-1A Model

11" w/s



frames.jpg (6542 bytes)

Frame samples

Cherry finish with gold beads.


t34.jpg (6542 bytes)

Skahan T-34

SH-60B.jpg (6542 bytes)

Skahan SH-60B


Under construction

Click on this link to view a Photobucket of custom framed artwork: Each piece is custom tailored to the training track of the recipient, so each one is unique.

frame.jpg (6542 bytes)

F/A-18F w/ four small trainers (T-34, T-39, T-1, T-2) cherry colored frame w/ gold accent $249.00

frame.jpg (6542 bytes)

F/A-18D w/ three small trainers $228.00.

frame.jpg (6542 bytes)

F-15E with three small trainers $235.

Framed prints



S-3.jpg (16542 bytes)

S-3 Lithograph  16x20  $20.00 Skahan

4trainer.jpg (16542 bytes)Milich



ddp-3(6442 bytes)Stovall P-3C in flight  14 x 22  $36.00

Milich P-3(6442 bytes)Milich pen and ink P-3C 11 x 17  $33.00

Milich P-3(6442 bytes)Milich pen and ink #796 F/A-18D 11 x 17  $33.00

4trainer.jpg (16542 bytes)Skahan (F/A-18D) $33.00

Milich P-3(6442 bytes)Milich pen and ink #675 F/A-18C 11 x 17  $33.00




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