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David Clark
The top name in aviation headsets. H10-13.4 is the most popular model in the David Clark line. It weighs only 13.4 oz., features the M-7a electret microphone, and comes with foam as well as GEL ear seals plus mic muff. Noise reduction rating is 23db. Five year warranty.


Prices vary..........please call for specifics.

DC10-13.4 $ 306.92
DC20-10 $ 327.36

The new HS-1 comes with a lifetime warranty! Advanced technology, maximum confort, and quality components--all for a reasonable price. Features gold-plated plugs, stereo/mono hi-fi ear speakers, and electret noise cancelling mic in a sleek, black design.

HS-1 $ 149.95

LightSpeed 30 3G







The new LightSpeed 30 3G headset is probably the most comfortable and
best active noise reduction headset available.

Features mono/stereo, built-in equalizer for bass and treble, MP3/CD input, and cell phone jack.(Connection wires included.)

Actively reduces engine/prop/exhaust noise by 28 dB ! ! !

Three-year warranty.

LightSpeed 30 3G Active Noise Reduction

Other Headsets Available:

$ 595.00





LightSpeed 20XL Active Noise Reduction $ 395.00


LightSpeed 15XL Active Noise Reduction $ 335.00




Model IISX is a small, modular two-place intercom with pilot isolate and can be expanded with included SR-4 to a four-place. Battery back-up with low warning. Model SR-4 expands any FlightCom two-place into a four-place.




$ 149.95

SR-4 $ 35.95

Push-to-Talk Switch
Fits all headsets. Cable fits between mic plug and aircraft jack with convenient thumb switch Velcro'd to yoke.

PTT $ 21.95


Ear Seals, GEL, NEW Style from D. C. $ 25.95
Ear Seals, Foam $ 8.95
E.A.R. Plugs, pair (yellow foam) $ .75
Plugs-on-a-string, pair (green foam) $ 1.25
Mic Muff. Fits electret mics (with 'O' ring) $ 4.95

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