Fixed Plotter
Constructed of heat-stable LexanŽ , this clear plotter with easy-to-read numbers and scales includes both nautical and statute miles for WAC and Sectional charts.

CP-1LX $ 17.95
CP-1 (non-Lexan) $ 14.95


Eraseable Hi-Liters
Small pen-sized hi-liters in fluorescent yellow, pink, orange, and blue.


For marking and remarking flight routes.  All have built-in erasers.

134999 small hi-liters, ea. State color. $ 1.95
0000 Jumbo not available


Rotating Azimuth Plotter
Printed with the same features, but includes additional full-circle, rotating center azimuth to speed flight planning.

193110 PJ-1 $ 16.95


Mini Fixed Plotter
This compact version is only 8" long, but provides all the scales needed for fully planning your route of flight.

CP-MLX $ 11.95

Specialty Plotters

Combat Plotter
This Wings exclusive plotter is ideal for laying out tracks on sectionals or TPCs. Protractor gives courses to fly. Numerous turn radius circles (360kts at 30deg AoB, 360/45, 420/55, 420/45, 250/30, 330/45, 210/30, 210/60, 180/45, dime, nickel, and quarter) and other cut-outs greatly speed flight planning and increase accuracy. 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 grid square.   Features automatic 5 nm tick mark generator for 150 and 300kts. Low Level Enroute chart scale.

New scales added for 210 kts and 240 kts.


229015 $ 10.95

Folding Plotter
Full 15" extended length. Small 2 3/4" x 5" folded size, yet has all the VFR chart scales, nautical, statute, and kilometer scales on non-glare clear plastic.

193120 $ 8.95

Instrument Plotter
For use with NOS Enroute Low Altitude IFR charts for flights below 18,000 MSL. Contains two compass roses, standard and non-standard holding patterns, as well as eight different edge scales.
3" x 7 1/2" size

029020 $ 13.95

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