Decals & Cards

Heavy vinyl self-stick in bright service colors. 3" x 6" size.
FLY NAVY (yellow/navy)  Pilot, NFO, or anchor
FLY MARINES (yellow/red) pilot, NFO, or EGA
FLY AIRFORCE (white/blue) pilot
FLY AIRFORCE (white/blue) Nav
FLY Coast Guard (red/white) 174010   $ 1.95 Each

Wing Decals
These transparent window decals have a richly detailed wing design in gold or silver color. Available for  Navy pilot or NFO, and Air Force pilot or Nav. 6 to 7 inches wide.
$ 1.95 Each

Baby Cards
Come in BOY or GIRL.  Inside has flight plan blanks to announce newest flight crew member.
$ 7.95 Pak of 10

Change of Address Cards
"Been here, gone there.  When we get there, we'll be here:.........".
$ 7.95 Pak of 10


T-6A Texan II folder cards
Blank inside, with envelopes.  See "New Stuff" page for photo.
$ 7.95 Pak of 10

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